Chris Cakes
"Flying Flapjacks"

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We provide a complete ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT menu of pancakes, sausage links, coffee, and orange drink. Orange Juice is available at an additional .30 per person. Chris Cakes also brings the plate, cups, forks, knives, napkins, butter and maple syrup.



Your group provides a suitable location along with some volunteer help to unload and reload our griddle and do light serving and cleanup.  Your location needs to have hot water and electricity. 

                                            CHRIS CAKES WILL DO THE REST!!


Our costs are based on the actual number who eat.  We charge a minimum of  $325.00 for small groups of 80 people or less.  Once your group exceeds 80 folks you are charged at a per person rate of the following:  Kids 4 and under eat for FREE !!!!!



We come to you from Dublin Ohio. Because of our inexpensive price per plate, a charge of $0.60 cents per mile roundtrip helps to maintain our vehicles, insurance and licensing. If reaching your event requires drive time of three hours or you need an unusual serving time, the cost of a motel will be required.


Due at the end of the event. CASH, CHECK OR CREDIT CARDS.
There is a $15 bookkeeping fee for delayed payment.

Our low costs allow you to mark up the price to make a profit.  Many groups use us as a Fundraiser-or office party, customer appreciation, church gathering, or any other event you can think of will enjoy our great pancakes and fancy flipping !!! 
 FUN is no extra charge !!!!!



 Are you insured?  Yes, with a $2,000,000 liability policy through Motorists Insurance.
 ►Are you licensed? Yes, through the Franklin County Board of Health, good throughout the state.
Who provides tables and chairs? Your group provides them. We need three 6-8ft. ones.
How many can you serve? We can serve 250 people per hour, per pancake maker.
Is it true you "throw" the pancakes? That's right, but don't worry, we're trained pros!!!  :)))